Epic Resistance in the Land of Palestine and Lebanon


Statement issued by the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the Escalation of Zionist Aggression against the Territory of Lebanon and Palestine.

Epic steadfastness and resistance — the epic of Ghazza and al-Karama — continue in the land of Palestine and Lebanon.  The Lebanese and Palestinian peoples are writing a page of glory in the history of the Arab Nation and Islamic world community and in the history of all humanity.  At a time of impotence, collusion, and submission by official Arab regimes, as evidenced by the results of the meetings of Arab foreign ministers, the knights of Hizballah and the knights of Palestine continue their heroic defiance of the Israeli terrorist war machine in defense not only of Palestine and Lebanon, but in defense of the entire Arab Nation, its future generations and children.

In the shadow of this genocidal war that is being waged by the Zionist entity against Lebanese and Palestinian lands and peoples, the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine declares as follows:

First.  The fighting people of Lebanon, their vital forces and heroic resistance under the leadership of militant Hizballah, with his excellency Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, the image of pride and honor and defiance, at their head, are today writing an epic that will go down in history and have the most profound effect on the present and future of the whole region.  This epic marks the beginning of the foundation, formation, and construction of a new stage in the history of the Arab Zionist conflict.

The heroic hands that fired the missiles of resistance at the cities of Haifa, Akka, Safad, Tabariya, and Nahariya inflicted dozens of killed and wounded in the ranks of the Zionist forces.  Those hands are reasserting respect for the idea of struggle against this rapacious entity with which there can be no coexistence after it has become clear to everyone how false and useless are calls for peace and negotiations with gangs of murderers and criminals who understand nothing but the language of weapons and resistance.

The strikes at Palestinian cities by missiles fired by the heroic Lebanese resistance created and will continue to create a new balance of terror that will have the most profound effect on the Zionist enemy, psychologically, politically, economically, militarily, and in their morale.  Those who occupy the land of Palestine will realize that the continuation of their occupation will come at an enormous cost.

The escalation of the strikes at the land of Palestine by the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance has great historical meaning and will have the most profound effects on and ramifications for the future of the criminal Zionist entity.

Second.  The contemptible results of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers amounted to a stab at the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon and showed once again to what depths of decay, collusion, and submission some Arab rulers have sunk in compliance with the dictates of the American administration, pursuing policies that are in total contradiction with the interests of their peoples and the supreme interests of the Arab Nation.  The inability of the Arab foreign ministers to take a clear stance in support of the resistance and to take practical measures to stop the Zionist aggression against Lebanon and Palestine demonstrate to what an extent the official Arab regimes have fallen into ruin and collapse.

Third.  The Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls on the Arab masses and their vital popular forces, it calls on the trade unions and federations, to shoulder their responsibility and duty in defending Lebanon and Palestine and in going out in demonstrations and all forms of popular activity to pressure the Arab governments and to give all forms of support and assistance to the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples and their heroic resistance movements in defiance of the American-Zionist plan for the region.

Fourth.  The blows of the heroic resistance in Lebanon and Palestine have placed the Zionist entity in a deep dilemma and have created new equations.  Therefore, Israel is trying to export its crisis by attempting to flee forward and make Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran responsible for what is going on, even though everyone near and far is well aware that what is going on is an American-Israeli plan aimed at subjugating the region, an attempt to put it under their complete control.  This is what explains the intensification and escalation of pressure on steadfast Syria and Iran, which constitute a mighty barrier in the face of such hostile plans.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine offers its salute and expresses its admiration for the fighters of resistant Hizballah and the steadfast people of Lebanon.  It declares that it stands beside them will all its energy in the confrontation with the brutal, barbaric enemy, and it reaffirms its pledge to continue the struggle and resistance until all the goals for which legions of martyrs have sacrificed themselves have been achieved.

Greetings to the people of Lebanon and their heroic resistance!

Greetings to the people of Palestine and their legendary steadfastness!

Freedom for the prisoners and detainees in the dungeons of the occupation!

Glory to the martyrs!  Victory belongs to the peoples in battle for freedom!

17 July 2006

The original text in Arabic was published on the Web site of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  Translation by Muhammad Abu Nasr.