George W. MacBush — Serial Murderer

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I am in blood
Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o’er.
                                                            — Macbeth

It is a disgusting, blood-ridden saga, this destruction of Iraq, and by extension, the honor of America.  And all the perfumed words of White House spinmeisters, canned study groups, distinguished wise-men experts, media sycophants, weird-sister henchmen, and political gasbags cannot sweeten the hands of George W. MacBush, for there’s the smell of blood still.

Codpiece flapping, MacBush runs amok seeking “advice.”  Suddenly the mission is not accomplished.  What’s the mission anyway?  First things last, a “new” plan is desperately needed.  Pour in sow’s blood that hath eaten her nine farrow.  Not that there was much to the old razzle-dazzle’-em shock-and-awe travesty.  With a heigh and a ho off to Baghdad he went.  655,000 dead Iraqis later (a number soaring like the national debt), 3,000 dead American troops probably by Christmas, and still he cries: Democracy!  Freedom!

Iraq is toxic with gore and death, a charnel house, a nightmare of violence, and the New York Times’ John Burns opined last month that a pro-western strongman is needed, perhaps along with eye of newt and toe of frog.  Indeed fair is foul and foul is fair, and thousands die every month.  Withal, a soundly defeated George W. MacBush yet struts and frets about his ever-narrowing political stage, signifying nothing to most Americans and the world, except recalcitrance and murder.  Observe MacBush, now in outreach mode.  How curious that this most incurious, blathering man should be casting wide nets gathering a Babel of advice.  Of course, nothing will change.  The “new” witches-brew plan will be, like the man, bogus.  Cobble, cobble, toil and trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

MacBush gapes his macabre press-conference grin, postures indignantly, then delivers those self-righteous irrelevant responses.  The ham-actor bonhomie leads to a terrifying thought: indeed, he may not know what he has done.  His full incompetence lays bare before us.

People of America, measures must be taken.  Attention must be paid.

The effort to impeach, an increasingly mild rebuke considering his catastrophic illegal and immoral decisions and actions, certainly high crimes and misdemeanors, has foundered.  The Democrats have been bizarrely struck to hike the minimum wage instead.  The world despises America for what it has allowed MacBush to do.  Most of the world has no concept of a minimum wage.  Most of the world is impoverished.  And that’s why most of the world hates America.  Yet the so-called opposition burbles on and on about domestic issues that mean nothing compared to restoring the reputation and honor of the United States.  And another inept plan presented by the disreputable MacBush gets the nation exactly nowhere.  MacBush, himself, gets us exactly nowhere.  A murderer in deed, and in the eyes of the world, he has been smoked out, put on the run, and now must be brought to justice.  Impeachment is the only remedy.  70% of Americans are on to him.  Hike the likes of the false face and false heart of MacBush and his gang of thugs from the White House.  Tell your congressional representatives to impeach.

It is not the course that must be stayed but the wretched hands of George W. MacBush and his hoodlums.  Impeach!  If not, let us all join in lament with the real Macbeth who killed far fewer than George W. MacBush:

Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood

Clean from my hand?  No; this my hand will rather
The multitudinous seas incarnadine,

Making the green one red.

James Ryan, a 1962 graduate of West Point, is a co-founder of West Point Graduates Against The War ( and Service Academy Graduates Against The War (

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