Israeli Left Archive

Nostalgic?  Curious?  Historian?

We would like to take this occasion to present to you and your friends our new Web site data base:The Israeli Left Archive


The Web site is built around collections of historical documents from various important sections of the Israeli left and peace forces: Women in Black and other sections of the women’s peace movement; SIAH (New Israeli Left); the Committee for Solidarity with Bir Zeit University; the Committee against the War in Lebanon; Matzpen (Israeli Socialist  Organization) and other groups that grew out of Matzpen such as La’kam, Ma’avak; Avanguard and others; SHASI (Israeli Socialist Left); Yesh Gvul; Twenty-First Year; Dai La’kibush (Down with the Occupation); and others.

The data base of close to 5,000 different documents includes periodicals, position papers, press clippings, organizational texts such as invitations and minutes, etc.  The material covers roughly the period of the seventies and the eighties of the previous century.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of the texts are in Hebrew, but there are many documents in English created by different groups.

Come on in and look around.  There is great material for research and reference.  The sight might have nostalgic value if you were around and active during the period.  We would be pleased to hear any comments or criticism.

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Reuven Kaminer is a writer, political analyst, and veteran activist of the Left in Israel.  Read his blog at <>.  He is the author of “The Politics of Protest – The Israeli Peace Movement and the Palestinian Intifada” and innumerable other articles in Hebrew and English.  He is one of the founders and editors of “Ha’gada Ha’Smolit” [The Left Bank], a leading news and commentary website in the country:  Kaminer was a founding member of various protest formations such as SIAH (the New Israeli Left), the Israeli Committee for Solidarity with Bir Zeit University, and the Committee against the War in Lebanon and “Dai L’kibush” [End the Occupation].  Kaminer — along with the late Eliezer Feiler, Yael Lotan, and Latif Dori — was one of the defendants in a historic court case in 1987-1990, when the four were tried for having met with the PLO in Romania.  For more information, visit a special archive of the Israeli radical Left of the seventies and the eighties:  He is now a member of the Control Commission of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality and the local left-leaning branch of Peace Now in Jerusalem.  He is proud that Matan Kaminer, his grandson,  is one of the Israeli refuseniks who went to prison for refusing to serve in the Israeli army of occupation.  The nicest compliment that he ever heard was the comment of a youngster, previously unknown to him, outside the Jaffa Military Court during the refuseniks trial, who told him that some people say that he is the grandfather of all the refuseniks.

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