Pledge to Abstain — Stop Funding the War

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To:  U.S. Congress

Whereas: the U.S. military occupation of Iraq is a cruel and illegal occupation that has cost nearly 700,000 lives, shattered a viable society, and displaced more than a million people, and

Whereas: the occupation itself is the single greatest causative agent of inter-Iraqi violence, and

Whereas: the majority of Iraqis want an immediate end to the occupation, and

Whereas: the majority of Americans now want the U.S. out of Iraq, and

Whereas: the Executive Branch of the U.S. government has declared its intention to remain in Iraq, and

Whereas: the war will end when the Legislative Branch refuses to fund it,


We, the undersigned, pledge that we will abstain from voting in 2008 for any elected official or candidate who votes or declares her/his intention to vote to continue funding of the war, no matter the electoral consequences.  The scale of this crime that is the war in Iraq and its urgency is such that it has become an issue that overrides all other issues, and we are pledging to become single-minded, single-issue voters on this matter.


The Undersigned

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The “Pledge to Abstain – Stop Funding the War” Petition to U.S. Congress was created and written by Insurgent American (  Stan Goff, a former Army Special Forces Master Sergeant, is the author of Hideous Dream, Full Spectrum Disorder, and Sex & War.  Go to and to read his writings.  This petition is hosted at

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