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  • Twenty Reasons against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran

      INTRODUCTION Five years into the US-UK illegal invasion of Iraq and its consequent catastrophe for Iraqi people, peace loving people throughout the world are appalled by the current Iran-US standoff and its resemblance to the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.  The hawks, headed by Dick Cheney in Washington, are now shamelessly calling for […]

  • Neoliberal Poison

      Analytical Monthly Review, published in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, is a sister edition of Monthly Review.  Its November 2007 issue features the following editorial. — Ed. Now that the global counter-revolutionary assault of the last decades has visibly begun to ebb, the time may be near when an account can be rendered of the […]

  • Oil and Efficiency Myths

    Everything Americans do requires transportation because our individualized homes, like our jobs and shopping locations, are all considerable distances from one another except in our largest, densest cities.  The private automobile rules.  Everything we buy in a store got there by truck.  Two-thirds of US oil consumption goes for transportation, most of that for private […]

  • A View from the Pakistani Left

    In recent days, the already tenuous political situation in Pakistan has made a turn toward the worse.  Musharraf’s government clamped down first on the judiciary and other opponents in the government in the first days after his declaration of martial law.  More recently, those same forces have prevented even the liberal bourgeois opposition represented by […]

  • The value of ideas

    Che was a man of ideas.

    It would have caused him profound pain to hear the speeches that, expressing traditional leftist positions, were delivered at the Latin American Summit held in Santiago de Chile.

  • Olympia Activists Stand Firm against Continued Military Shipments through Port

      November 10, 2007 Late Friday afternoon, approximately 50 members of Olympia Port Militarization Resistance (OlyPMR) sat down near the main gate of the Port of Olympia in Washington State.  Two tractor trailers, one carrying two Stryker combat vehicles, another filled with military cargo, were blocked from exiting the port.  Police arrived on the scene […]

  • The Mystery of Hezbollah [Le mystère Hezbollah]

    Un an après la dernière guerre au Liban, le parti Hezbollah reste un mystère.  Pour la première fois, son leader, Hassan Nasrallah, a accepté la présence de caméras occidentales au sein de l’organisation et répond, sous haute surveillance, aux questions les plus délicates.  En retraçant l’histoire de ce mouvement, ce documentaire exceptionnel donne les clés […]

  • Kurds, Turkey, and the US: Playing with Fire

      Once again the Turkish generals threaten to invade areas in Northern Iraq, or, if you want, Southern Kurdistan. Historically, these areas with their flat fields around the Euphrates and Tigris, surrounded by peaked mountaintops, were home to a multitude of religions and cultures, in the way mountainous areas often are.  But, after decades of […]

  • Turkey into the Vortex of the Iraq Quagmire: Another Breach in US Policy

    A new dimension of immense importance is being added to the contradictions of US policy in Iraq and the Middle East at large.  Turkey, a staunch US ally for over half a century and a NATO member, is threatening to militarily intervene in Northern Iraq, i.e. Iraqi Kurdistan.  A resolution was passed by the Turkish […]

  • An Imperial Democracy [Una democracia imperial]

    A juzgar por los documentos que nos quedan, Tucídides (460-396 a. C.) fue el primer filósofo de la historia que descubrió el poder como un fenómeno humano y no como una virtud que conferían los cielos o los demonios.  También fue conciente del valor principal del dinero para vencer en cualquier guerra.  Podemos agregar otra: […]

  • Pakistan

      This meeting, after thorough discussion of all aspects of the situation arising from the imposition of State of Emergency by the Chief of the Army Staff, resolves as follows: We strongly condemn the imposition of State of Emergency, promulgation of Provisional Constitution Order (PCO), suspension of fundamental rights and the dismantling of the entire […]

  • “Gender and Mathematical Ability”: A Brief Comment

      Richard York and Brett Clark’s cogent essay “Gender and Mathematical Ability: The Toll of Biological Determinism” (MR, November 2007) brings to mind the extreme complexities and biases entangled in separating genetic from environmental factors.  I suggest the following example to illustrate the point. Suppose we are confronted with the hypothesis that there exists a […]

  • The Pain Inside

      Cast of Characters Andy: 19, prisoner Shades: 30s, prisoner Place A dormitory in Rikers Island Correctional Facility, New York City Time An evening, early 1960s SETTING:  A bed stretches right from SC.  Other beds are dimly seen behind it.  The right wall has barred windows.  At the head of the bed, SR, is a […]

  • Mapping the Human Terrain and Developing Kill Chains:Social Science in Service to Capitalism

    Author’s Note:  The appearance of General Petraeus’s Counterinsurgency Field Manual, published recently for the US book trade by the University of Chicago Press, has created a stir because of charges of pilfered scholarship, damage to the reputation of UC, and the role of anthropologist Montgomery McFate in writing the book.  The mission of social science […]

  • Peru Free Trade Agreement Faces Mixed Labor Response

    On October 9, the Oregon AFL-CIO passed a resolution opposing the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement and three other pending trade deals with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.  A state federation condemning a free trade deal would normally be an unremarkable event, except for the remarkable absence in the Peru case of a typically heavy-weight free […]

  • Brickies, Sandhogs, and Ironheads: Two Novels of the Building Trades

    CHRIST IN CONCRETE by Pietro Di DonatoBUY THIS BOOK THIS SIDE OF BRIGHTNESS by Colum McCannBUY THIS BOOK Here are two novels of the building trades: one by an Italian-American bricklayer, the other by an Irishman who, at 21, paid his way across the States by digging ditches and painting homes.  Both novels have been […]

  • America, America!

    Directed by KP Sasi and based on Kamaan Singh Dhami’s anti-war song “American War Paar Da! (Check Out the American War!),” the 4-minute music video is a satirical but severe indictment of America’s role in escalating world conflict.  Originally written following the post-9/11 bombing of Afghanistan by the USA, and developed to address the occupation […]

  • Discuss the Politics of Immigration

      Have you heard an anti-immigrant argument that you feel is wrong,  but need the facts to contest?  (For example: “Immigrants are a drain on social services.”)  Do you have your own fear or concern about the issue?  (For example: “Are the lowest-paid US-born workers really hurt by immigration?”) Bring your concerns to one of […]

  • Palestine and Apartheid

      Preamble Dear Friends, it is a great privilege to be with you again since 2002.  As you know, my address then has recently been in the news because on the basis of a distortion of what I said, President Dease of St Thomas University decided I shouldn’t visit his campus.  It is good that […]

  • An October for Us, for Russia, and for the Whole World

      It is no surprise that the imminent ninetieth anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia has become the object of widespread attention.  The events of October 1917 were, indeed, an earthquake that shook the world, altering its economic, social and cultural foundations. Many media sources depict this world-historic phenomenon as a mere coup d’état, […]