Antioch Confidential


Antioch Confidential examines several documents that were until now Antioch University attorney-client privileged communications.  What role has this confidentiality played in the health of a College that has functioned through a decades-old shared governance system, a governance system that has been integrated as a major component of its educational curriculum and that has historically brought students to the College?  Click here to download the Antioch Confidential paper.  Below is a companion video with the same title.

A historic progressive college, Antioch College, is being destroyed to grow a corporation called Antioch University.  All faculty members are fired.  For more information, consult The Antioch Papers at <>, Antioch College Faculty at <>, Antioch College Action Network at <>, and the Antioch College Alumni Association at <>.  See, also, the following Inside Higher Ed articles: Scott Jaschik, “Antioch to Close Main College,” 13 June 2007; Cary Nelson, “Why Antioch Matters,” 18 June 2007; Scott Jaschik, “The Adjunctification of Antioch,” 26 June 2007; “Antioch U. Rebuffs Petition,” 9 July 2007; Scott Jaschik, “Who Should Control Antioch?” 30 July 2007; “Professors Sue Antioch,” 15 August 2007; Scott Jaschik, “Leaks From Antioch,” 16 August 2007; Scott Jaschik, “Reprieve Is Possible for Antioch,” 28 August 2007; Scott Jaschik, “Antioch College President Was Ousted,” 4 September 2007; Scott Jaschik, “The Future of Progressive Higher Ed,” 29 October 2007; Scott Jaschik, “Antioch Survives — at What Price?” 5 November 2007; “Antioch Layoff Letter Angers Alumni,” 13 November 2007; “Independence Talks at Antioch,” 12 December 2007; Scott Jaschik, “Antioch College to Suspend Operations (Probably),” 25 February 2008; and “Rumblings at Antioch,” 27 February 2008.

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