To Our Arab and Muslim Friends, We Say: We Stand with You


We are witnessing an insidious new wave of demonization of Arabs and Muslims.  The presidential race has surfaced deep prejudices that will be here long after we have elected a new leader.  Look closely, and you’ll find many right-wing Christian and Jewish groups that deny the fundamental rights of Palestinians, deliberately fueling fear of Muslims to push their unfair agenda in the Middle East.

Cecilie Surasky
Cecilie Surasky Director of Communications, Jewish Voice for Peace

Click here to send your photo as an attachment to to show you reject this hate-mongering.  The Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, will share this message of solidarity with thousands of their supporters.  Help us spread the word to blogs, email lists, and on Facebook.

Just a few days ago, a fundamentalist Christian group announced that it is sending copies of the virulently anti-Islam DVD Obsession, created by a right-wing pro-Israel group, to every single church and synagogue in America.  Obsession has already been distributed to 28 million newspaper subscribers across the country.  A new companion film, The Third Jihad, about Islam’s “secret plan” to take over the West, has already been called the Protocols of the Elders of Islam.

We don’t yet know the impact this will have.

But we do know, as Jews, and as other people of faith, the price that is paid when we remain silent in the face of hatred.

Now is the time for you to make a statement about the values you believe in.  It is time to stand up as allies to our Arab and Muslim friends, family members, and neighbors.

Go to  You can hold a sign in your photo, or type a few words of support in the email body.

Just as we condemn Muslim extremists who demonize other Muslims, Jews or Christians, we also reject efforts by Christian and Jewish right-wing extremists to stigmatize all Arabs and Muslims.  This kind of fear-mongering violates our bedrock values of equality and tolerance, and it also helps perpetuate the conflict between Israel and Palestine, instead of bringing everyone together to end it, once and for all.

To our Arab and Muslim friends, we say: we stand with you.


Rebecca, Sydney, Cecilie, Yaman, and Penny

Jewish Voice for Peace

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