Antiwar Activism in Israel, Unseen on TV

Absent from Israeli and most other TV networks are the ongoing activism and protest inside Israel against Israel’s siege and, now, war on Gaza.  Immediately below is a video report on two of many such actions.  In Hebrew and Arabic, they nevertheless offer glimpses of current activism in Israel.  The first segment documents a demonstration in Tel Aviv and bits of the police reaction.  The second was recorded at a public meeting, just hours before the demonstration, addressed jointly by Palestinian and Israeli members of Combatants for Peace.  The report was created by the alternative media group, Social TV (for details on the group see:

with English subtitles

without English subtitles

Rela Mazali is an Israeli feminist writer and peace activist.  A founder of the New Profile movement to de-militarize Israeli civil society, Mazali has worked for many years to end the occupation of the Palestinian territories.