Bomb a Ghetto, Raise a Cheer

Pro-Israel Rally for Attacking Gaza, New York City, 11.01.09

Cf. Max Blumenthal, “Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems Descends into Calls for ‘Wiping Out’ Palestinians,” AlterNet, 13 January 2009.

Max Blumenthal is a senior writer for The Daily Beast and contributor to The Nation, Al Jazeera English,, AlterNet, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Monthly among others.  A winner of the USC Annenberg Online Journalism Award for his investigative print journalism, he has produced numerous widely recognized video reports that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.  His book, Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party, will be published by Basic Books in 2009.