Sharia in Pakistan’s Swat


Part 1

Part 2

Cf.  Kamran Rehmat, “Swat: Pakistan’s Lost Paradise” (Al Jazeera, 27 January 2009); “‘Peace March’ in Pakistan’s Swat” (Al Jazeera, 19 January 2009); Sanjeev Miglani, “Pakistan Islamists in a Deal with China Communists: a Sign of the Times?” (Pakistan: Now or Never?  19 February 2009); Patrick Goodenough, “Turn to China, Islamists Urge Pakistan Government” (Associated Press, 20 February 2009); and M K Bhadrakumar, “India Grapples with the Obama Era” (Asia Times, 21 February 2009).

This segment of “Inside Story” was broadcast by Al Jazeera on 18 February 2009.