Evo’s inevitable victory

Evo entered today his fourth day of rigorous hunger strike. He spoke yesterday evening and today at noon. His words were calm, persuasive and categorical. He offered a “biometric electoral register” that was still better than the one in force during the electoral processes held in his country, which had already been described by international institutions as reliable and of high quality.

He plays chess in his spare time.

He was interviewed by the television, and when asked by a journalist how he could guarantee that the electoral register is ready for the December elections, in the face of the tricks worked by the oligarchy, he answered: “I have confidence in the people.”

Nobody denies any longer that he is winning the battle without resorting to the use of force or abusing power.

The adversary can not cope with his volley. It is quite possible that, during the early hours of Monday, an agreement is announced — without having to resort to a Presidential Decree — by virtue of a Congress law, as Evo wanted. Every new hour without said agreement would multiply the strength of and the national and international support to Bolivia’s indigenous President.

The opposition parliamentarians are coming back and negotiations are under way. Those are good news.

Fidel Castro Ruz
April 12, 2009
9:35 p.m.