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In Colombia social and regional inequality has become evident, coupled with more than 50 years of armed conflict. Photo: Brandon Pinto – Unimedios.

The hunger pandemic in Colombia

The unchecked growth of the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America is tearing apart the socio-economic fabric of the countrieslocated in that continent. One manifestation of this socio-economic rupture is the emergence of what David Beasley, the Executive Director of UN World Food Programme (WFP), has called a “hunger pandemic”. According to WFP, “The socio-economic impact […]

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Haley Pessin

Racism, capitalism and rebellion

I want to start by acknowledging the significance of what has happened in the last ten days. We’re now in the midst of what we can definitively say is the biggest wave of mass protests in the United States since the 1960’s

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Deccan Herald Doctors protest in Delhi over Kolkata hospital violence | Deccan

India’s abysmal healthcare system

DD Kosambi uses a telling example to illustrate the crisis of Indian feudalism: at the third Battle of Panipat in 1761, the troops on oneside had not had enough to eat, while the troops on the other side just managed to assuage hunger by looting villages in the neighbourhood; neither side in short had arranged […]

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Sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Vaccine imperialism

In March, COVID-19 breached the considerable defences of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The colossal nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which has played a central role in defending the U.S.’s imperialist interests over the past three decades, proved no match for the virus, which infected more than 1,000 crew members in a matter of days.

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Tsunami Ruins, Japan, 2011. Photo: CC BY 2.0/Yisris.

Revolution or ruin

We know how the first paragraph begins. We’ve read about the changing climate for over twenty years, infrequently at first and then daily until we couldn’t deny it any longer. The world is burning.

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Flickr No War with Iran- Durham (2020 Jan) | Anthony Crider | Flickr

Viruses & imperialism

Despite conspiracy theories, there is no evidence whatsoever that the virus was manufactured in or escaped from a laboratory, in China or anywhere else. Such accusations ignore how easy viral transmission can be when other factors come into play.

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