• | Pan Africanism and Digital Technology | MR Online

    Pan-Africanism and digital technology

    Digital technology in its current form is here to stay–or at least until we break the supply chains draining the Congo and her kind–and we know how much of a role it plays in communication.

  • | Another United States Invasion Scheme in Haiti | MR Online

    Another United States invasion scheme in Haiti

    Speaking at the 78th session of the United Nations General assembly on 19 September, President Biden called on the UN Security Council to immediately authorise the planned U.S. invasion of Haiti.

  • | Black Feminisms | MR Online

    All Black feminisms ain’t created equal

    Revolutionary African feminism (oftentimes used interchangeably with radical Black feminism) is understood as a feminist ideology that seeks to fundamentally transform and decolonize societal structures, and eliminate all forms of patriarchy and gender-based oppression.

  • | 55 Pan African Organzations Oppose Sanctions On Niger | MR Online

    55 Pan-African organizations oppose sanctions on Niger

    Following the military coup in Niger, ECOWAS decided to impose humiliating and illegitimate sanctions on Niger at the end of the Heads of State conference in Abuja on July 30.

  • | War in Africa and the Americas | MR Online

    War in Africa and the Americas: Accelerating the end of White world supremacy

    he U.S. recently deployed troops to Peru to shore-up the coup in that country, followed by the deployment of troops to Ecuador and the bizarre AFRICOM plan to insert Kenya and Rwanda forces all the way from Africa to Haiti to support the illegitimate Ariel Henry puppet government in that nation. White supremacy in Black face.

  • | A Primer on the Occupation of Western Sahara | MR Online

    A primer on the occupation of Western Sahara

    As Israel recognizes the sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara, it is imperative that we stand in solidarity with the indigenous Sahrawis and their right to self-determination.

  • | Whitey On The Moon In the North Carolina Sky | MR Online

    Whitey on the Moon in the North Carolina sky

    Historians often utilize the term “primary source” to describe a piece of historical evidence.

  • | Kamala Harris | MR Online

    More than meets the silk press: Kamala Harris and U.S. imperialism

    Kamala Harris wants to be your aunty. The Biden Administration’s controversial Vice President is often presented as either an incompetent sidekick, or a lovable big sister figure who “stays with her hair done”.

  • | A Critical Look at Afrocentrism | MR Online

    A critical look at Afrocentrism

    Garveyism and Afrocentrism, while different, are grounded in their shared nature of being expressions of a call for National conscience.

  • | Karl Marx Beyond Europe | MR Online

    Karl Marx beyond Europe

    Marx’s views on historical development and his analysis of capitalism have been the subject of much debate and criticism over the years. While some critics have accused Marx of imposing a European model of historical development on the rest of the world, it is important to note that Marx himself rejected Eurocentric thinking and developed a more nuanced view of world history.

  • | An African Palenque Cuba and Global Black Solidarity | MR Online

    An African palenque: Cuba and Global Black Solidarity

    When Black nationalist and poet Amiri Baraka returned from Cuba in 1959, his life was completely transformed. While there he met Afro Cubans, Black Americans such as Robert Williams and Cuban President Fidel Castro.

  • | Co opting The Revolutionary History of MLK | MR Online

    Co-opting the revolutionary history of MLK

    I often think about how one of the most revolutionary black men in history can be completely altered; completely reconstructed; undergoing a kind of magical jolly negro transmorgification?

  • | A Beginners Guide to Bank Failures | MR Online

    A beginners guide to bank failures

    According to a February 2023 Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation (FDIC) audit, 563 U.S. banks have failed and/or come under regulatory authority since 2021.

  • | Challenging Binary Gender Roles Using Nkrumahism Toureism Cabralism | MR Online

    Challenging binary gender roles using Nkrumahism-Toureism-Cabralism

    Gender binary–the classification of gender e.g. a “man” or “woman” into two, distinct, and opposite categorie–is a construct of class development and division and is therefore inconsistent with the humanist values of our Nkrumahist/Tureist/Cabralist ideology.

  • | Why and How To End The War In Ukraine | MR Online

    Why and how to end the war in Ukraine

    Jacqueline Luqman was a panelist on the February 16, 2023 webinar Why and How to End the War in Ukraine , which was sponsored by Chicago Area Peace Action. These were her remarks.

  • | Truth about Nicaragua | MR Online

    I witnessed the truth about Nicaragua

    ‘Entering adulthood alongside the dwindling of 2020 uprisings for Black liberation (that I had naively seen as the beginning of the end), I felt very stuck. Understanding I am a poor queer Black woman, I saw myself facing a world where the options presented for survival were dehumanizing at best, and the innate dream of living as a free person essentially destroyed.’ – Wawen Ewimbi

  • | Intellectualism | MR Online

    Reject anti-intellectualism

    A disingenuous trend is reemerging, bastardizing concepts of “accessibility” to attack and suppress radical efforts at political education. The focus on consistent ongoing political education is shot down as disconnected from the needs of the people.

  • | Dead US senator John McCain went to Ukraine and stood on stage with neo Nazi Oleh Tyahnybok back in 2013 | MR Online

    Liberal Democracy: The Bedfellow of fascism

    Antifascism, as a politic and concept, has grown more appealing in the last 6 years because of the rise of right-wing authoritarianism domestically and globally rooted in patriarchy and ongoing (settler) colonialism.

  • | African Liberation Day 2022 | MR Online

    African Liberation Day 2022: Smash neo-colonialism!

    The age of classical colonialism in Africa changed the course of history. Exploited trade agreements and pseudo alliances between African nobility and European merchants led to heightened warfare, looting, and genocide across the continent.

  • | From left to right Black musicians Paul Robeson Billie Holiday and Tupac Shakur | MR Online

    A short history of the U.S. war against Black musicians

    Although the cases of Billie Holiday, Paul Robeson, and Tupac Shakur may seem like cautionary tales for musicians who may be inclined to politicize their lyrics they have served as an inspiration; especially Tupac.