Coup Laundering in Honduras


Jesse Freeston: Only the governments of Taiwan and the United States have sent international observers, and the delegation funded by the US State Department arrived at the Electoral Tribunal at the same time the leaders of all six independent human rights monitors in Honduras were delivering their request that the elections be suspended.

Dr. Juan Almendares, Committee against Torture: It will not have the legitimacy of the people.  Neither will it be recognized by the entire international community.  How could you recognize a government that has violated our human rights, that has tortured?  What democracy are we talking about?

Jesse Freeston: In a letter to Brazilian President Lula da Silva, US President Barack Obama confirmed that the US will join Panama, Costa Rica, and Taiwan as the only countries to guarantee the recognition of the winner of the election.

Dr. Juan Almendares: We are calling on President Obama to support democracy and not become a follower of Bush.

This video was released by The Real News on 28 November 2009.  The quotations above are excerpted from the video.

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