Iran: Pro-Government Demonstrations All over the Country

“One thing is clear: the developments in Iran today are not comparable to the time before the downfall of the Shah.  Back then, the country was united against the Shah.  There were no two sides to speak of.  If there had been two sides, the US would have conveniently arranged for a coup.  Today in Iran, there are two sides.  It won’t be a simple transition of power.  More likely, it will be a messy and bloody conflict between the two sides, and both will resort to violence to push ahead.  Like in Lebanon, the US media wanted you to believe that there was one side, only.  We now know it was not the case.” — As’ad AbuKhalil, “Iran Protests: Covering the Other Side” (Angry Arab News Service, 31 December 2009)

See, also, “Manifestaciones en apoyo al gobierno de Irán se extendieron a todo el país” (TeleSur, 30 December 2009); and Andy Newman, “Iran: Time for the West to Butt Out” (Socialist Unity, 30 December 2009).

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