Honduras: Neither Forget Nor Forgive, Cries the Resistance

Tegucigalpa — In a multitudinous mobilization held in the capital, the National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP) yesterday demanded constitutional reforms and punishment of the perpetrators of the coup d’état of 28 June 2009.

More than 20,000 demonstrators assembled in Tegucigalpa, according to the estimates by the organizers of the march, to celebrate 243 days of resistance, since the day when Manuel Zelaya was overthrown.  The march started at 10:00 AM, from the campus of the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University to the vicinity of the House of Government, Marriot Hotel, and then the first floor of the National Congress, where it concluded.

Headed by a powerful motorcycle squad, the FNRP members marched on the right lane of Centroamérica Boulevard, flanked at all times by a strong contingent of anti-riot police observing them at prudent distance.

“Neither Forget Nor Forgive the Coup Perpetrators”; “What Do People Want?  A New Constitution!”; “The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated” are some of the slogans heard again and again throughout the slow and exhausting protest march.

Teachers, trade unionists, workers in general, and the unemployed held up national flags, red and black flags featuring the symbol of the hammer and sickle, and placards and banners, urged on by popular leaders Rafael Alegría, Daniel Durón, and Eulogio Chávez, who never stopped issuing condemnations of the government and those who organized the coup d’état of last June.

In the rallies before and after the march, the leaders read the Resistance’s official Communiqué No. 50, in which they reminded all that the Honduran people remains in struggle against the dictatorship and is every day consolidating its organized response to the totalitarian regime.

Moreover, they slammed the plan for excise taxes launched by the Municipal Corporation of the Central District directed by Ricardo Alvarez and exhorted the people not to pay them.

The original article “Ni olvido ni perdón grita la Resistencia” was published by Tiempo on 26 February 2010.  Yoshie Furuhashi.

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