Arizona: The Ethnic Purge Continues


Anti-Immigrant Law

Ethnic Studies Ban

More videos and cartoons by Politic Vic may be viewed at <>.  See, also, Julianne Hing, “AZ to Teachers: Take Your Accents and Ethnic Studies Outta Here” (RaceWire, 30 April 2010); Julianne Hing, “Arizona’s Gov. Brewer Signs Ethnic Studies Ban Into Law” (RaceWire, 12 May 2010); Dave Zirin, “New Reason to Protest the Arizona Diamondbacks: House Bill 2281” (Edge of Sports, 12 May 2010); “Arizona Students Protest New Law Banning Ethnic Studies Classes” (DemocracyNow!, 14 May 2010).  For info about actions to counter the Right in Arizona, go to <>.

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