Regarding the Investigation Commission of Israeli Raid against the Freedom Flotilla

Israel’s declaration that it will establish a commission, composed of Israeli citizens and two foreign observers, in order to investigate the Israeli raid against the Freedom Flotilla does not in any way meet Turkey’s clear demand or international community’s expectations, which were expressed in the Presidential Statement of the United Nations Security Council.

Israel does not have the authority to assign a national commission to investigate a crime perpetrated in international waters.  An inquiry to be conducted by such a commission cannot be impartial, fair, transparent and credible.

Turkey has indeed already agreed to the proposal by the UN Secretary General to establish an international commission to be composed of one Turkish, one Israeli and three international experts.  We strongly condemn Israel’s disregard of this proposal to date.

We expect that the international community, above all, the USA that lost a citizen of her own, support this constructive proposal by the UN Secretary General and take action in that direction without delay.

This statement was issued by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 14 June 2010.

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