Iran: January 2010-July 2010


January 2010: “There are rare moments when you feel like you’re living in a world without any borders.  Without anyone to rule over you.  One cannot help but to cherish these moments and wish them upon others.  On the road to Shemshak from Tehran, the CD player played a tune from a movie soundtrack and the night served as a black canvas for the white snow to paint on. . .”

February 2010: “A break from the city. . .”

March 2010: “My new-found fascination with windshield wipers continues and a makeshift birthday cake becomes the center of attention.”

June 2010: “Blasting an underground Persian rap song by rapper-in-exile Shahin Najafi at 1:00 am while driving through Parkway Square in Tehran on a rainy night.”

July 2010: “Drove down to Isfahan for the one year anniversary of my uncle’s passing.  People gathered to pay respect and a couple of local musicians sang traditional Iranian songs.”

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