Building La Casa Rosa

Construyendo La Casa Rosa

“Why don’t you ask about agricultural subsidies?  These are the people you know.”
“But you have to get in the real world.  The life of our mother and her traditions is over.  They are not realistic.”
“Why do the corn farmers in the US receive $12,000 a year when here they only receive $900?”
“Because we don’t have as much money as them.”
“Or maybe because they want our people and you sell them.”
“Yes.  If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the system that makes us slaves and robs us of the little money we make when we try to imitate the slave owners.”
“Look, this family has made sacrifices, the system isn’t perfect, but it’s the system and you can’t change it.”
“I’ll try!”
“And where will you go when you fail?”

Construyendo La Casa Rosa, a documentary on the La Casa Rosa community theater project, was made by a group of youth from San Francisco Tetlanohcan.  For more information about La Casa Rosa, visit <>.  See, also, Tetlanohcan TV, “900,000 Frames between Us.”

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