Georgia Prisoners’ Demands Delivered to Sonny Perdue’s Offices in Washington, DC


On December 20, dozens of people crowded the office of Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue and the National Governors Association offices in Washington, DC, to present the governor with the demands set by prisoners in his state who had been on strike since December 9: a living wage for work, educational opportunities, decent health care, an end to cruel and unusual punishments, decent living conditions, nutritional meals, vocational and self-improvement opportunities, access to families, and just parole decisions.  Currently the vast majority of Georgia prisoners work for no pay.

20 December 2010

For more information, visit <>.  Cf. Concerned Coalition to Respect Prisoners’ Rights; “Prisoner Advocate Elaine Brown on Georgia Prison Strike: ‘Repression Breeds Resistance'” (Democracy Now! 14 December 2010); Bruce A. Dixon and Glen Ford “GA Prison Inmate Strike Enters New Phase, Prisoners Demand Human Rights, Education, Wages for Work” (Black Agenda Report, 15 December 2010); Michelle Chen, “Georgia Prison Strike: A Hidden Labor Force Resists” (In These Times, 17 December 2010); Matthew Cardinale, “Prisoners Coordinate Statewide Strike via Cellphones” (Inter Press Service, 20 December 2010); “NLG Sends Letter in Support of Georgia Prisoners to Governor Perdue” (20 December 2010).

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