President Chávez Sends Christmas Message of Hope and Faith

Caracas, 24 Dec. AVN — The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, sent a message of hope and faith to the people as part of Christmas festivities, with a handwritten card that he showed at an event held in the Miraflores Palace in Caracas:

Below is the Christmas message from the Venezuelan head of state:

In the middle of the struggle for a just world, for the homeland of humanity,

Merry Christmas!

In 2011 the second decade of the 21st century begins
and our Venezuela celebrates the 200th anniversary of its birth as a Republic,
walking its own path, dreaming its own collective dream.

Welcome, 2011, may you, the new year, be good!

During the event, Chávez also said that “we should begin to enjoy the joy of Christmas.”

The Venezuelan leader also listened to Vice President Elías Jaua, who, from one of the shelters for flood victims in Caracas, reported that it is fully ensured all the victims have what they need at Christmas.

“Today is a day of joy in the midst of all the difficulties.  Here we are gonna share it all,” he said.

The original article “Presidente Chávez envía mensaje de esperanza y fe en Navidad” was published by the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias on 24 December 2010.   Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at]

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