“Not a Shred of Evidence against Binayak Sen”: Interview with Gautam Navlakha


Gautam Navlakha: There was actually not a shred of evidence against Binayak to sentence him to life imprisonment.  In fact . . . let alone life imprisonment, he should not have been sentenced even for a single day on the basis of that kind of evidence.  We know also from other sources, in our own interactions with officials who have privately expressed, that “we want to set an example of Binayak Sen” . . . because, if you can get Binayak Sen, who is a doctor, a respected doctor . . . others, who are far less known, not as high-profile, would feel deterred and not speak out and therefore fall silent — then whatever the government is doing it can carry on doing. . . .

Gautam Navlakha is a human rights activist associated with Peoples Union of Democratic RightsSrinivasan Ramani is Senior Assistant Editor of Economic & Political Weekly.  This video was released by NewsClick on 2 January 2011.  The quotation above is an excerpt from the interview.


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