For the Establishment of a Democratic Republic in Bahrain


Position Statement of the Coalition for a Republic

In the name of our glorious religion and international conventions on human rights and on the principle of the right of nations to decide their destiny, and based on our long struggle and sacrifices against the oppressive and corrupt Al-Khalifa regime, we hereby declare a tripartite coalition of the Wafa’a, Haq, and Bahrain Freedom Movements that have chosen to fight for a complete downfall of the regime and the establishment of a democratic republic in Bahrain.  We have named this the Coalition for a Bahraini Republic.  We will work with the free people of this country, the 14th February Youth, and all others who believe in this legitimate and rightful choice through all means of civil and peaceful resistance.

The Coalition for a Bahraini Republic believes, through recent experience, in the decentralization of decision making in planning its activities and using diverse means of resistance.  The Coalition believes this decentralization is necessary for the success of the revolution in achieving its demands.  This strategy is what started this revolution and how the youth regained control of the roundabout.  The Coalition believes that any central control will kill the revolution.  The Coalition believes that the resistance should escalate peacefully using diversified means across the entire lengths of Bahrain.

The Coalition warns against getting caught up in constructed chaos and deliberate confusion of information in this period that is intended to distort the vision of the people and to derail the natural escalation of resistance in order to buy time for the regime.

The regime has failed to end the revolution through violence and brutal crackdown.  It is trying now to destroy it by twisting its demands by playing its devious political games, shuffling cards around, and embedding discord.  To gain through its political game what it has failed to gain through violence.  It is paramount for people in this country to stand by the people and the 14 February Youth to protect the revolution, and not to let our martyrs’ blood and sacrifices go in vain, and not to give the opportunity to the regime to sabotage the revolution’s demands.

The Coalition believes that the main demand of the popular revolution is the downfall of the current oppressive regime and the establishment of a democratic republic that expresses the desires of the people and protects its dignity, interests, and rights.  For the revolution to achieve this demand, all people including the 14 February Youth need to awaken, become aware, organize themselves decentrally when making their decision and planning their activities.  They must be independent in making crucial decision and not to be shy when telling the truth to anyone for this comes at the expense of the rights and interests of citizens.

The coalition believes the final decision about the future of this country is in the hands of the people who are ready to stand by their decisions.  We call on all the people and political powers to gather around the demand for the downfall of the oppressive monarchy and to establish a democratic republic, whilst ensuring coordination and agreement amongst themselves.  The government is gambling on discord amongst the people.  The difference of opinion does not necessarily mean division and does not stop collaboration on common issues.  This is a great opportunity that should not be lost as we may not get another one like it.  The demand for the downfall of the regime if not achieved is a huge loss.  The coalition will coordinate and collaborate sincerely with all parties and individuals who share the same objectives and strategies.

The Coalition for a Republic
7 March 2011

* * *

Hassan Mushaima Announces the Coalition for a Democratic Republic, Composed of the Haq Movement for Liberty and Democracy, the Islamic Wafa’a Current, and the Islamic Bahrain Freedom Movement, 7 March 2011

This translation of the Coalition for a Republic statement on 7 March 2011 was first published by Jadaliyya on 9 March 2011; it is edited and reproduced here for non-profit-educational purposes.  The original statement in Arabic may be read at the Jadaliyya Web site as well.

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