Fukushima 1: Evacuation Incomplete

12 March 2011, 13:26

According to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) of the Ministry of Economy and Industry (MITI), regarding the evacuation of residents within the 10 km radius of the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant, as of 11:30 AM, about 30% of 2,000-2,100 residents of Okuma-machi in Fukushima Province, which is located in the aforementioned danger zone, are yet to be evacuated, based on a report from Okuma-machi.  Futaba-machi has also reported that about 20% of the 2,000 residents in danger are yet to be evacuated.  There is a possibility that some of them have left on their own, without the knowledge of the municipal officials.

The original article “福島第一原発 避難完了せず” was published in the NHK Web site.   Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at] gmail.com).   Cf. Nuclear Information and Resource Service, “Fact Sheet on Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant” (11 March 2011); Union of Concerned Scientists, “Nuclear Crisis in Japan: What We Know” (11 March 2011); NHK, “Fukushima 1: Fuel Rods Exposed” (11 March 2011); NHK, “Fukushima 1: Fuel Meltdown Begins” (12 March 2011).

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