Fatima, Daughter of Bahraini Martyr Abdul al Rasul Hassan Ali al Hujairi

“I am Fatima, the daughter of the martyr, and I am honored to have this title.  I want to tell the world: I am brave, courageous, unafraid — that’s what my father used to say — and now I have become braver and braver, thanks to my dear father.”

This video was released by Ahlulbayt TV on 22 March 2011.  Cf. “Abdul al Rasul Hassan Ali al Hujairi was shot martyred by Saudi Wahhabi occupier on Sunday 20 March.  Al Hujairi who was working as a nurse in Salmaniya hospital was abducted by Saudi forces on Saturday to unknown place.  He was severely tortured then shot martyred.  After his martyrdom, savage occupiers drove cars over his body” (AhlulBayt News Agency, 21 March 2011).

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