Bahrain: Revolutionaries under Siege


Bahraini government forces backed by Saudi troops have completely blocked access to several villages.  Reports say the military have set up checkpoints and deployed secret police around the village of Ma’ameer, to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the village.  Saudi and Bahraini troops have also fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the village of Tashan. . . .  Human Rights Watch says at least 18 anti-government demonstrators have been killed and hundreds more have gone missing since the start of the protest against the ruling Al-Khalifa regime last month. . . .  Meanwhile the Bahraini opposition groups have announced Saturday as the day of mourning for those killed during the protest.  Bahrain is one of America’s closest allies in the region and is host to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet.

This video was released by Press TV on 30 March 2011.

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