British Peace Delegation Heads for Libya to Call for an End to the Killing


A twenty-five person peace delegation made up of academics, lawyers, journalists and professionals will be departing for Libya on 9th April, to call for an immediate ceasefire in Libya and an end to all hostilities.  This is the first half of a two stage process that will involve reconciliation talks with tribal leaders, government officials and key opposition figures.

After almost three weeks of continual bombing by Coalition forces and heavy fighting in key cities, countless civilians have lost their lives and there appears to be no end in sight to the untold suffering of the people.  An immediate end to the conflict and the protection of civilian lives is the aim of this mission.

The Civilians for Peace delegation will be meeting with key officials and parties to the conflict and calling for:

    1. An immediate ceasefire and an end to hostilities from all sides, including NATO.


    1. Immediate peace talks between representatives of government and the opposition.


    1. Fair and honest arbitration between the opposing forces.


    1. The immediate positioning of credible and impartial International Observers to monitor a possible ceasefire.


  1. Humanitarian corridors to provide medical assistance, food and water to civilians in the affected areas.

In addition, the Civilians for Peace delegation will be calling on the African Union to take a lead role in arbitrating peace and for the United Nations to call an immediate meeting of the General Assembly to discuss the Libyan situation and the broadening crisis in the region.

The delegation will be leaving on Saturday 9th April @ 5.45 pm from Terminal 4, Heathrow Airport.  There will be a press statement made from Terminal 4 @ 2.30 pm and members of the public are encouraged to attend and to support the delegation.


For more information, contact: Delegation Representative, David Paul Roberts, Tel: (+44 7980631255); Spokesperson, Sukant Chandan, Tel: (+44 7854147868); Media, Ishmahil Blagrove – Tel: (+44 7958287687).



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