Maseerat al ‘Awda, the Return to Palestine March


Maseerat al 'Awda, May 15, the People Want to Return to Palestine

Following a general meeting that brought together representatives from various Palestinian and Lebanese civil society organizations as well as individual activists, the Organizing Committee of Maseerat al ‘Awda, the Return to Palestine March, has announced the launch of its preparatory activities.

The “Return to Palestine March” will take participants to the border with Occupied Palestine on May 15 to commemorate the Nakba.  Similar marches will take place simultaneously in the other countries bordering Palestine.  Demonstrations targeting Israeli embassies are also planned in a number of Western cities to protest the occupation of Palestine and the Zionist apartheid regime.

The Return to Palestine March will serve to reaffirm the rights of return and of the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea, and to reaffirm that these right are inalienable, irrevocable and non-negotiable.  They also aim at confirming the centrality of the Palestine issue to all Arabs.

The convoys of “returnees” will leave from different regions of Lebanon and from the Palestinian refugee camps.  They will move towards the border through designated routes that will be announced in due course.

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