Invitation to URPE Summer School: “Topics in Radical Political Economy: Marxist Theory”


We invite graduate students and young researchers to participate in the URPE (Union for Radical Political Economics) Summer School entitled “Topics in Radical Political Economy: Marxist Theory,” which will take place in Amherst, Massachusetts on the UMass campus on May 24-27, 2011 (right before the World Association for Political Economy conference on May 27-29).  Our aim is to provide a forum for the discussion of ideas and developments in Marxian economics, and to help establish ties for closer collaboration between young Marxian economists.

Our speakers and topics will be as follows:

Deepankar Basu, “Theories of Money and Finance in Marxian Political Economy”

Al Campbell, “Humanist Marxism, Structuralist Marxism and Revolution”

David Kotz, “Marxist Crisis Theory: Conflicting Analyses and Possible Resolutions”

Fred Moseley, “Marx’s Logical Method and the Transformation Problem”

Paddy Quick, “Principal and Secondary Relations of Production: The Transitions between Modes of Production”

Each day will be organized into 7-8 hours of lectures and discussions, to be directed by the invited speakers.  Suggested readings will be distributed in advance.

Participants will have already taken a first course in Marxian political economy and will be expected to be familiar with portions of Capital (at least Volume I).  The presentations by the speakers will be designed to inform participants about recent developments, equip them with theoretical and empirical tools, and inspire them to take up research in Marxian political economy.

We ask for a $15 registration fee.  URPE scholarships are available for those who will also attend the WAPE conference, though they require a separate application.

To apply for the Summer School, please request an application form by writing to one or both of the following:

Hyun Woong Park <>
Mihnea Tudoreanu <>

Our organizers are also available to answer any and all questions and concerns.  Please distribute this invitation widely to whom you think might be interested.  We look forward to seeing many of you in May!

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Mihnea Tudoreanu
UMass Amherst Economics Department

For more information about the Union for Radical Political Economics, visit <>.


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