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  • Occupy Boston: Day One

      My interpretation of the previous two days as a participant and journalist in Occupy Boston does not reflect the views of other members of the “99 percent” movement, or Occupy Boston as a whole. The $64 trillion dollar question, “When will Americans hit the streets like people in other countries?” has been answered.  Over […]

  • Egypt: Political Parties in Service to SCAF

    Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist.  Cf. Hussein Agha and Robert Malley, “The Arab Counterrevolution” (New York Review of Books, 29 September 2011); Hatem Maher, “Egypt’s Revolution Youth on the Backfoot as Parties Steal Limelight” (Ahram Online, 2 October 2011); “Political parties and movements across the spectrum are deeply divided over the meeting on Saturday […]

  • Bank Bailout

      “Hands up!  This is a bailout!!” Emma Gascó (from Sevilla, Spain) is a journalist and cartoonist.  She is a co-blogger (with Martín Cúneo) of Los Movimientos Contraatacan.  This cartoon was first published in Los Movimientos Contraatacan on 14 September 2011; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes. | Print  

  • Yet Another Syrian Exile Opposition Council

    So, yesterday, it was announced in Istanbul that yet another exile opposition group was formed.  It has no head.  There were conflicts among the various constituent groups. But I will tell you this lesson from Arab contemporary history: there has never been a case in which leftists or secularists were aligned with fundamentalists (Sunni or […]

  • Class Warfare Indeed

    Over the last two decades or more, Republicans have been denouncing as “class warfare” any attempt at criticizing and restraining their mean one-sided system of capitalist financial expropriation. The moneyed class in this country has been doing class warfare on our heads and on those who came before us for more than two centuries.  But […]

  • Real Class Warfare: The Great 1934 Longshore Strike in Portland

      “Real Class Warfare: The Great 1934 Longshore Strike in Portland” Presentation by Michael Munk Tuesday, October 11 7:30 pm Rialto Poolroom and Bar 529 SW 4th Ave, Portland Free and open to the public Must be 21 or over. On May 9, 1934, thousands of longshoremen along the West Coast walked off the job, […]

  • Why TWU Local 100 Is Supporting Occupy Wall Street

      The Transport Workers Union Local 100 applauds the courage of the young people on Wall Street who are dramatically demonstrating for what our position has been for some time: the shared sacrifice preached by government officials looks awfully like a one-way street.  Workers and ordinary citizens are putting up all the sacrifice, and the […]

  • Syria’s Path to Reforms: An Obstacle Course

    Hamid Karout is a Syrian cartoonist.  This cartoon was first published in Tishreen on 8 August 2011; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.  Cf. . | Print

  • Cuba: A Tireless Defender of Gay Rights

      Francisco Rodríguez Cruz is a Cuban journalist and activist who for over a year has maintained a controversial blog committed to advancing the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in Cuba.  This is a community that has experienced a difficult history of discrimination on the island. Paquito, as he is […]