Hana Shalabi’s Sister Speaks


Zahera Shalabi is the sister of Hana Shalabi, a 29-year-old woman from the village of Burqin in the Jenin district in Palestine.  On February 16, the Shalabis’ home was raided and Hana was arrested.  She has since been in Israeli prison under what is called Administrative Detention, held without charge or trial, like over 300 other Palestinians.  Zahera speaks about her sister as a young woman who is an artist and dreamer who never hurt anyone.  She speaks of the struggles her family has been going through since Hana was arrested.  Hana has been on hunger strike since the day of her arrest.  Hana and Zahera’s parents have both gone on hunger strike in solidarity with Hana.  Hana Shalabi may be dying in prison, and her father appeals to the whole world to hear their call and to put pressure on the Israeli government to release his daughter.  In his own words, “Hana is not only my daughter, she is the daughter of every Palestinian.”

Vivien Sansour is a life style writer and photographer based in Palestine.  This video was shot and edited by Vivien Sansour, with editing support by ListenIn Pictures.  Cf. Ali Abunimah, “Hana Shalabi at Risk of ‘Imminent Death’ in Israel Custody on Day 33 of Hunger Strike, Doctors Warn” (Electronic Intifada, 19 March 2012).

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