Samir Amin: Chávez Has Died, But the Bolivarian Revolution Continues


The President of the World Forum for Alternatives (WFA), Egyptian economist Samir Amin, today paid tribute to the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, whose death he called a “great tragedy.”

The neo-Marxist intellectual expressed his sadness for the death of the Venezuelan leader and his solidarity with the Venezuelan people in a communiqué published in Dakar today, the city of his residence, where the WFA headquarters is also located.

“The death of Chávez is a great tragedy that saddens the Venezuelan people and all those who are fighting around the world for the same cause as what inspired the Bolivarian revolution,” said Amin.

Though “President Hugo Chávez has died, the Bolivarian revolution continues,” emphasized Amin, who sent his condolences to Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás Maduro and the people of Venezuela.

Amin also praised the late Venezuelan leader’s effort to put “Venezuela as a country and the Venezuelan people on the path of liberation from imperialist domination, the construction of the unity of the peoples of Latin America, and the establishment of genuine democracy that serves its workers.”

Created in 1997, the World Forum for Alternatives is an international network of intellectuals and research centers that support processes of convergence of social movements and emergence of alternatives to neoliberal globalization.

The original article “Samir Amin: El fallecimiento de Chávez es una gran desgracia” was published on 6 May 2013.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at]

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