June 30: Coup or Revolution?

Just like the army exploited February 11, 2011, they are trying to exploit July 3, 2013.  They did not back the revolution, either time.  They tried to contain it and control its course. . . .  On June 30, masses of people took to the streets with the notion that my enemy’s enemy is my friend.  They tried to silence any anti-military or anti-police chants.  The question is: were the MB and the military ever really enemies? . . .  Military leaders seized this opportunity to try and regain the support of the people.  To get rid of the MB, the people willingly chose to forget that the very same military ran protestors over, stripped the Blue Bra girl, tried more than 12,000 civilians in military courts, conducted virginity tests, killed Mina Danial, Emad Effat, and hundreds more, incited violence against Copts, and instigated sectarian strife.  We got rid of Morsi and his clan.  But we are facing new dangers.

Mosireen is an independent media collective in Cairo, Egypt.  For more information: <mosireen.org>; and <twitter.com/mosireen>.  The text above is an excerpt from the video.

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