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Jade, For Hire! – “The Case of the Wrinkled Egg

Originally published: The San Francisco Mime Troupe Youtube Channel (August 29, 2020 ) - Posted Sep 06, 2020

Tales of The Resistance – Episode 5 : Jade, For Hire!The Case of the Wrinkled Egg The continuing story of “Jade, For Hire!” – Looking for work during a race and class war ain’t easy, But why was “Derrick” fired in the first place? And what is the secret of… Jamazon.com? Find out this week in… Jade for Hire! The Case of the Wrinkled Egg is written by Michael Gene Sullivan, directed by Velina Brown. Commercials written by Marie Cartier. Music & lyrics by Daniel Savio. Music production by Dred Scott, Woodwinds by Dylan Jennings. Audio engineering and sound design by Taylor Gonzalez. This episode of Jade, For Hire! featured Andre Amarotico, Lizzie Calogero, Hugo Carbajal, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Jarion Monroe, Brian Rivera, Amos Glick as your announcer and starring Michael Gene Sullivan.

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