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Poet Suzen Baraka Tells the Truth about Voting

Originally published: imajrefilms Youtube Channel on October 13, 2020 (more by imajrefilms Youtube Channel) (Posted Oct 25, 2020)

Set in our nation’s capital, VOTE is a visual call to arms, highlighting the devastating contradictions that so many in America are experiencing right now, and paying homage to the countless individuals that have sacrificed and are sacrificing so that we may have the right to vote, and have our vote count. Written by and starring, Suzen Baraka, a spoken word artist for over 17 years and an attorney, it is no surprise that VOTE draws upon facts, logic, and love to motivate voters to get to the polls for the 2020 Presidential Election. The video for VOTE is directed by Washington, D.C. native Jami Ramberan, an award-winning filmmaker and tenured professor of Film and Television at Howard University. VOTE, originally commissioned by Poetic People Power (P3), is a rallying cry. While the poem references The War on Drugs, slavery and the racist legacy of the CIA, it is completely “of the moment,” and reminds listeners of the present atrocities being levied in the land of the “free.” Credits: Starring Suzen Baraka, Directed by Jami Ramberan, Written by Suzen Baraka, Executive Producers Suzen Baraka and Jami Ramberan , Producer Shom Shamapande, Director of Photography Srikanth Nandigama, Editor Temi Olutunmbi , Art Director Summer Brown, Sound Design and Composer Cass Maya, Associate Producer Kyle Murdock , Assistant Camera Meagan Sims , Photography by James E. Newtown , Gaffer Meagan Sims, Blue “VOTE” Mask Designer Swiyyah Couture , “M Vote” Mask Designer Mario Miguelito, “Colonize This” T-Shirt Designer TsaHai NYC

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