Songs of Slavery and Emancipation- Documentary Film. (Art in History and Politics 2022)

Originally published: Art in History and Politics on June 27, 2022 by Art in History and Politics (more by Art in History and Politics) (Posted Jun 30, 2022)

We are pleased to announce the publication of Songs of Slavery and Emancipation. The book and accompanying CDs are now available for pre-order from University Press of Mississippi and Jalopy Records. UPM link:… Jalopy Link:… For more information contact: Art in History and Politics. Art in History and Politics is a non-profit arts organization devoted to the task of recovering, preserving and presenting art that was once widely influential but has subsequently disappeared.​The discovery of long-forgotten songs, poetry and other works that were the product of historically important events has led to the production of books, audio recordings and films which can assist educators and the general public in deepening their grasp of the role of art in history and politics.

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