| A Palestine solidarity demo in Copenhagen Photo Dagbladet Arbejderen | MR Online A Palestine solidarity demo in Copenhagen. (Photo: Dagbladet Arbejderen)

Calls to prosecute Israel for war crimes grow louder in Europe

Originally published: Peoples Dispatch on January 9, 2024 (more by Peoples Dispatch)  | (Posted Jan 11, 2024)

Major protests and demonstrations continue across Europe denouncing the ongoing genocidal war waged by Israel on the people of Gaza. On January 9, the US-backed Zionist war on Palestinians entered its 96th day, killing over 23,200 people including 9,600 children, and wounding more than 59,000 others, with more than 1.9 million people displaced in Gaza.

Despite appeals from all major international organizations, including the United Nations, human rights groups, and the majority of the world nations, Israel relentlessly carries on its pursuit for the destruction of Gaza, with the backing of US and its allies in Europe.

Norway stands with Palestine

On Sunday January 7, braving cold weather, thousands participated in the Palestinian solidarity demonstration called by the Action Group for Palestine in Oslo. Mobilizations were also held in Bergen, Tromsø, Tønsberg, and Svolvær, among other places.

Activists from various groups including the Palestine Committee, Women’s Front, Norwegian People’s Aid, Red Youth, and BDS Norway, participated in the marches and called out the Norwegian government to facilitate the international prosecution of Israel for continuing war crimes in Gaza.

Marchers also denounced the forced removal of a Palestine camp last week by police that was mounted on Eidsvoll Square outside the Norwegian Parliament. The Camp was set up by pro-Palestine activists in solidarity with the people of Gaza who were under heavy bombardment by Israel.

The Rødt (Red) Party’s parliamentary group has denounced the forced removal of the Palestine Camp as a “significant infringement on freedom of expression”.

On January 7, the Vestland committee of the Communist Party of Norway (NKP) stated that the ongoing Israeli war in Gaza is not a war between two states, but a massacre committed by a superior military power against a defenseless civilian population.

“The brutal warfare we are witnessing has no parallels in recent history, the humanitarian situation is in itself life-threatening. At the same time, the Palestinians in Gaza are being killed on foot, and the violence and killings of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are also increasing,” the NKP said.

“Israeli colonization is in full swing, with an increasing number of illegal settlements on Palestinian soil. The war against the Palestinians is therefore taking place on two fronts, where the goal is to expel the Palestinians from both Gaza and the West Bank. This is a clear example of ethnic cleansing and a crime against all international law and justice”, the party added.

Denmark stands with Palestine

According to reports, around 50,000 people have taken part in a massive Palestine solidarity demonstration in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen on January 7. The march was organized by the platform ‘Everyone on the Street For A Free Palestine initiative’, comprising of solidarity movements, trade unions, leftist political parties including Red-Green Alliance and Communist Party of Denmark (DKP), and youth-student groups, demanding an immediate and lasting ceasefire and a Palestine free from Israeli occupation.

Protests were also held in other cities across Europe including Stockholm, Vienna, and Marseilles. Activist groups and progressive political groups across Europe have announced to take part in mobilizations on January 13,  as part of the Day of Action for Gaza to mark with protest the 100th day of the ongoing Israeli war against the people of Palestine.

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