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Illegal Israeli settlements land for sale in Canada

Originally published: The Canada Files on March 2, 2024 by Marthad Umucyaba (more by The Canada Files)  | (Posted Mar 06, 2024)

The Canada Files became aware of planned Canadian illegal settlement events for selling land in the West Bank and Gaza through a Twitter post from Ghada Sasa, a Palestinian PhD Candidate at McMaster University.

Two illegal settlement sales events are scheduled on March 3 and March 7, 2024, in Toronto. There will be another event on March 5, 2024, in Montreal.

The event on March 3 will be hosted by the KW Realty Group, while the next two will be hosted by My (Your) Home In Israel.

The Canada Files reached out to Ghada Sasa for a discussion on the details surrounding both the settlements and a social media conversation with CBC News reporter Evan Dyer. The full interview will be available on YouTube in the coming days.

Ghada Sasa’s discovery of the Illegal Settlements’ Sale

Ghada Sasa is a PhD Candidate for McMaster University. After she exposed the illegal settlement sales events, The Canada Files reached out for an interview and got more details on how she learned of this event.

Sasa said she found an Instagram advertisement which promotes the “Anglo” neighbourhoods in Israel. West Bank settlements, in clear violation of many United Nations Resolutions, were also confirmed to be available for sale. Sasa had also noticed the beachside photos, reminiscent of the beaches of Gaza facing the Mediterranean Sea.

KW Realty, the company managing the sales event on March 3, and donating items to the IDF, is a member of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). The OREA is infamous for their stranglehold on the political environment in Ontario, for participating in Premier Doug Ford’s pay-for-play schemes, and finally for comprehensively lining every major political party’s pockets. The Canadian Real Estate Association also has a significant war chest to impact politics nationwide, including in Montreal, Quebec.

Canada is infamous for voting against UNGA resolutions condemning the settlements. The real estate industry in Canada has therefore found an opportunity to capitalise on the settlements in the West Bank. The ultra-orthodox Jewish community is a major buyer in both Canada and the U.S., and they feel comfortable with the diplomatic support they’re getting from both countries at the UN. Due to the fact that the Real Estate Industry in Canada has many of the politicians in their back pocket, and are able to arbitrarily raise housing prices at will, the culture of impunity in the Canadian housing market has extended to ethnic cleansing in the Middle East.

When asked, Sasa declined to reveal her plans to oppose the upcoming illegal settlement sales events, but did hint that “there is going to be push back”. A post made by Sasa indicates there will be a protest against the March 3 event, being held in Thornhill, Ontario, at the time of this article’s release. The Canada Files will closely monitor the responses to further events will be when they’re announced.

The International Illegal settlement sales and their ties to NATO

Besides Canada and the United States’ blatantly obvious pro settler bias, NATO and the Five Eyes as a whole has a variety of states that take hypocritical stances against Israel at the UN. They do this, however, while continuing to arm the state of Israel, and by extension, the settlers. This is apparent when the IDF issues assault rifles to the settlers in the West Bank and the vicinity of Gaza.

As a result, Canada and the U.S. have fostered an environment, in conspiracy with a corrupt real estate market, where illegal settlement sales can conducted in broad daylight by an ex-IDF soldier. Your Home In Israel’s chief agent, Ohad Girchish, was in the IDF reserves from 2006-2010. This was during the time that the 2007 blockade against Gaza was imposed after Hamas successfully expelled the IDF from there in 2005. Your Home In Israel, in particular, sells eight illegal buildings in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Condemning Armed Resistance to Ethnic Cleansing: A Depraved and Colonial Trait

“In pursuit of the right to self-determination, the Palestinian peoples’ use of force to resist foreign oppression and to complete the establishment of an independent state is an inalienable right well founded in international law. Various people freed themselves from colonial rule and foreign oppression to realise independent statehood after World War Two… Numerous UNGA resolutions recognize the legitimacy of struggling by all available means, including armed struggle… For instance, the UNGA Resolution 3070 of 1973: ‘reaffirms the legitimacy of the people’s struggle from colonial and foreign domination and subjugation by all available means, including armed struggle.’”

With pro-colonial intrigue on display in two of Canada’s biggest cities, the NATO ethnic cleansing plan has been unambiguously and decisively confirmed.

It was first announced when Ayatollah Khamenei received the intelligence reports, reaffirmed with a Carnegie Endowment paper outlining the preparations NATO made to realise said plan, and finally, with the NATO economies prepared to capitalise on the result.

The two-state solution, quite reasonably rejected by Hamas even until 2017, and in no uncertain terms rejected by the Popular Front for The Liberation of Palestine (14:22-15:01) and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, has revealed itself to be nothing more than a diversion by the NATO controlled UN to buy time for the Final Solution against the Palestinians.

The condemnation of Hamas and the other militant Palestinian resistance organisations, based on thoroughly debunked propaganda, and the smearing of said organisations as terrorist organisations, are in fact further proof of the depravity and colonial outlook of NATO. The Palestinian resistance, a thorn in the side of the ethnic cleansing plan, are being demonised because they’re a clear expression of the Palestinians enforcing their human rights against the wishes of NATO governments. They are a clear and obstinate obstacle to, as Ms. Sasa eloquently explained, “its [white supremacy’s] last stronghold”.

However, this clear and blatant expression of contempt for the non-white/slavic world is a message that’s been heard loud and clear by the majority of humanity. The “rules-based” white supremacist order will be soundly rejected as NATO ramps up its aggression, and the plan to shove it down the rest of the world’s mouth will fail. This is especially true when the non-white minority in NATO countries are resisting the racial caste.

Our [The Palestinian Resistance] biggest weapon or advantage is our values. We’re holding onto our land, and we’re on the right side of history.

Ghada Sasa, Ibid

Marthad Shingiro Umucyaba (formerly referred to as Christian Shingiro) is a Rwandan-born naturalized Canadian expat. He is known for his participation in Communist/anti-imperialist national and international politics and is the radio show host of The Socially Radical Guitarist.

He is also a freelance web developer in Hong Kong, China, striving to provide “Socially Radical Web Design at a socially reasonable price”.

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