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Trump Is Trying to Make NAFTA Even Worse

Trump is trying to make NAFTA even worse

Many on the Left have been deeply critical of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) since before it was fast-tracked into law by former President Bill Clinton in 1994. Now, President Donald Trump’s current plan to renegotiate NAFTA is poised to make the massive trade deal even worse.

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Workers at Whirlpool

Monopolization and labor exploitation

Those who advocate “freeing the market” claim that doing so will encourage competition and thereby increase majority well-being. These advocates have certainly had their way shaping economic policies. And the results? According to several leading economists, the results include the growing monopolization of product markets and the steady decline in labour’s share of national income. […]

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Can Labor Help Shape an Effective Climate Crisis Strategy?  Yes.Canada’s Largest Energy Union Says No to the Keystone XL Pipeline

  The speech below was delivered by the President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP), Dave Coles, to the labor breakfast titled “Confronting the Climate Crisis: Can Labor Help Shape an Effective Strategy?” held at the City University of New York on 17 January 2013. The obvious answer to the question […]

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Imperialism Redux: Canada Colonizes Honduras?

A curious article recently appeared in Canada’s Globe and Mail.  The authors are US economist Paul Romer and Octavio Sanchez, chief of staff to the President of Honduras.  They are promoting Romer’s idea for “charter cities,” in which Canada is invited to play a role in an ostensibly new model to promote development and prosperity […]

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Canada’s Austerity Budget Wonderland

Canada’s federal and provincial governments are falling in with other Western countries in delivering austerity budgets that foist costs of the global capitalist crisis onto the backs of workers and the poor.  Canada’s federal government is trying to package its latest austerity budget as something that must be done to reduce government debts and deficits […]

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