• Laurel, Mississippi

    The graphic above is based on David Bacon, “Workers Overcome Divisions after Mississippi Raid,” TruthOut, 8 September 2008. For information on how to support the workers in Laurel, go to . Andy Pollack blogs at . | | Print

  • New Definition of Chutzpah Brought to You by One of America’s Leading Kosher Meatpackers!

    Chutzpah (chutz·pah): noun. Supreme self-confidence: nerve, gall. Synonyms: see temerity. Example: Agriprocessors is asking the United States Supreme Court to overturn a vote to unionize at its Brooklyn distribution center.  “In September 2005, the company’s Brooklyn employees voted 15 to 5 to unionize. . . . Days after the vote, Agriprocessors stunned its employees by […]