• Thanksgiving, Public Education, and Criminalization

    At 4:30am on November 26, a couple thousand people started ferrying from San Francisco to Alcatraz Island, to witness and participate in the annual Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Gathering.  This year, it commemorated the 40th anniversary of the occupation of Alcatraz, an event which brought renewed energy and visibility to Indigenous Peoples movements. As the rising […]

  • Should Al Qaeda Reconstruct the WTC?

    In debates about whether or not the United States should withdraw all troops from Iraq, a frequently mentioned factor is the need to prevent civil war and genocide.  That denies the realities on the ground: we have already ensured a civil war and committed genocide.  The time for “prevention” has passed.  But there is another […]

  • Ordinary Citizens’ Complicity in Crimes against Humanity

    With the exception of a couple years here and there, I grew up in Germany and attended German schools until I was 19 years old.  History teachers at the time were obsessed with helping our generation grapple with the questions: how could the Germans have let it happen?  How did so many get roped in […]

  • I Don’t Want to Love You, But I Do

    A LOVE POEM24 July 2006 Some readers of my open letter to Amos Oz have been posing questions to me regarding how to deal with a group that calls for the destruction of Israel.  They tell me they are sick of Israel being described by the Left as inherently evil. I do not believe there […]