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Venezuela Defines the Future of the Region

Venezuela defines the future of the region

The struggle for Venezuela will decide the destiny of Latin America, argues Claudio Katz. We must recognise global Right’s hypocrisy in its attempts to topple Maduro. But it doesn’t act alone: similar forces are alive inside a government that has failed to counteract economic collapse.

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Supporters of President Nicolás Maduro participate in a rally in Caracas in support of the national Constituent Assembly

The crisis in Venezuela and the left

The media keep silent about the violence of the Venezuelan opposition and the prevailing repression by the right-wing governments of Latin America. The Right’s strategy of an institutional coup faces serious limits, but the Left must address this new threat, supporting anti-imperialist decisions and making a distinction between the capitalist boycott and the government’s ineffectiveness.

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Latin America Faces the Global Crisis

It is true that banks are less leveraged, but the outflow of capital is intensifying.  Internationalized industry is hit by global overproduction, and lower prices of raw materials depress growth.  Moreover, attempts at stimulation collide with reduced resources from the central economies. Those who expect geopolitical benefits to follow from the crisis forget that the […]

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