• Betting on the Winning Horse: The People!

    3 February 2011 In the battles of yesterday and today, fought bravely by the Egyptian revolutionaries against the militias of the regime, many martyrs fell by the bullets of the thugs.  Now it is clear to all that the regime is maneuvering, on the one hand offering concessions (declaring that Gamal Mubarak will not run, […]

  • Egypt: On the Barricades

    2 February 2011 Every revolution, sooner or later, has to stand on the barricades and fight a counter-revolution.  The scenes today at the Tahrir Square are nothing short of a scene that we imagine from the French revolution: the people holding ground against hordes of militiamen of a dying regime.  Young and old, women and […]

  • The Showdown in Cairo!

    Tomorrow the Egyptian people will go to the streets en masse to give the final blow to the regime.  The people are talking of a rally of millions, and people have been pouring into Midan Atahrir, Tahrir Square, today and heading towards Cairo from the provinces.  The regime closed all the roads and stopped the […]

  • Egypt: On the Appointment of Suleiman As Vice President

    Only a few days after the start of the revolution, the regime is beginning to take desperate measures. Appointing Omar Suleiman as vice president means telling everybody that Hosni Mubarak is over and out and that Gamal Mubarak will never be president. At the same time it means telling the people that Suleiman, the man […]

  • Egypt: Can the Army Neutralize the People?

    Hope is a powerful feeling, it is contagious, and it tends to increase geometrically.  And hope is exactly what Tunisia gave our Arab people everywhere.  Tunisia the land of the revolution where today three martyrs fell in the Kasbah, is still the inspiration of a whole Nation.  Our great dormant nation, from Rabat to Baghdad. […]

  • Quick Notes on Tunisia and Egypt: The American Hand

    1.  The change in the composition of the Tunisian government ousting RCD ministers seems to have satisfied the UGTT.  This is a sign that the protest now will be weakened.  The protest was gathering sympathy again with an ever recurring discussion on regionalism and regional identity.  The people are aware and they are pushing their […]

  • Egypt and Tunisia: How Do Revolutions Start, and When Do Revolutions End?

    Egypt’s revolution is still cooking, but not boiling yet.  Today the people took to the streets in a fragmented way, after the police heavy-handedly dispersed the crowd yesterday. In Cairo one demonstrator and one police officer died today in the clashes.  That gives an idea of the level of protest; the government is denying this, […]

  • Egypt Answers Tunisia!

    25 January 2011 They do not belong to a political party, they do not follow a particular ideology, they make an appointment on Facebook, an appointment we all laughed about, telling them you cannot have a revolution like you have a blind date, but today in tens of thousands they came. . . .  They […]

  • Tunisia: A Revolution That Goes All the Way?

    The regime is playing its last card today in Tunisia.  That last Card is the RCD (the party of the former dictator).  After the formation of a so-called “National Unity Government ” yesterday, and after the UGTT (the largest trade union in the country) supported and even participated in it with three ministers, alongside three […]

  • Tunisia: The Struggle for Legitimacy

    In Tunisia, a new government is being formed under the leadership of the RCD (the party of the fallen dictator) and with the participation of some legalized opposition parties.  All parties that were illegal under the old regimes are being excluded, however, and this is stirring up a lot of controversy among parts of the […]

  • Tunisia: The Logic of Revolution

    The Tunisian revolution continues to dictate its own logic on all levels. . . .  After attempts by regime leftovers to spread chaos by several techniques (cars driving through the streets shooting at people and houses randomly, destroying infrastructure, etc.), the Tunisian people organized itself in committees that spread all across the country, in every […]

  • Notes on the Tunisian Revolution

    From day one it was clear this was a revolution that was not about bread only, it was also against dictatorship and corruption.  The revolution was supported by all segments of society.  Poor, middle class, and even upper middle class.  Especially the middle class showed its claws in the last days in Tunis.  Many friends […]

  • Tunisia: A Moment of Destiny for the Tunisian People and Beyond?

    On December 17, 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi, a young Tunisian man of 26 years old, heads towards the municipality of Sidi Bouzid, a Tunisian provincial city.  He walks calmly towards the entrance of the building with the intention of protesting.  Bouazizi, who was unemployed despite holding a university degree as an IT engineer, was gaining his […]