• Elie Domota: “The Movement Is Not about to Quit”

      HRIS: Are you satisfied with the results last night? Elie Domota: Overall, yes.  This applies only to the employees of the member companies of the employers’ organizations.  We will set up a procedure to extend the agreement to all employees in Guadeloupe in the coming days. Julien: The agreement shows that your demand for […]

  • Emergency Solidarity Appeal from General Union of Guadeloupe Workers (UGTG)

    The UGTG Appeal to the International Democratic Movement of Workers Dear comrades and friends, The French colonial authority is getting ready to suppress the workers, youth, and people of Guadeloupe as well as their organizations. In response to the call of 47 trade unions, political organizations, consumer associations, popular organizations, and cultural associations, a general […]