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Author Archive | Eren Buglalilar

The Epidemic of Terrorism under Turkey’s Mubarak

  A new epidemic has broken out in Turkey.  It’s called “terrorism.”  This ideologically transmitted disease (ITD) appears to be extremely infectious.  Otherwise how can we explain the large and growing number of terrorists in the country? The Associated Press carried out a survey on terrorism convictions in the world.  The figures are worrying.  According […]

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Turkey: Freedom of opPRESSion?

  On December 24th, 2010, a publishing house in Turkey was raided by the police.  Without any prior warning, its office’s electricity was cut off, and special operations teams surrounded its building.  Walls were rammed, doors were torn apart, and people working for Ozan Publishing were arrested and tortured. Not satisfied with that, the police […]

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Deepening Crisis, Growing Resistance: Workers in Turkey

When the global crisis of capitalism first broke out in 2008, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan said: “Hopefully, this crisis will touch Turkey like a tangent line.”  Touched by the crisis, Turkey’s unemployment rate is already 15.5%, the highest in the history of the republic, the highest in Europe, and among the highest in the world.  […]

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