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Author Archive | Firuzeh Shokooh Valle

Puerto Rico: Reflections on the National Strike

On October 15, thousands of people in Puerto Rico flooded the streets to protest the government’s decision to lay off around 17,000 government employees (in total there have been around 25,000 lay-offs this year).  Workers and members of trade unions, women, environmentalists, religious groups, students, teachers, professors, lawyers, and the LGBT community, among many other […]

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Puerto Rico: Ready for the National Strike

Puerto Rico is getting ready for the national strike on Thursday, October 15.  Since governor Luis Fortuño layed off about 17,000 government employees the first week of October, there has been tremendous mobilization from different sectors of the civil society: workers and members of trade unions, women, environmentalists, students, and professors, among others.  There have […]

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