• Egypt: Protesters, Police Clash Outside Israeli Embassy

    Scores of protesters in Cairo clash with Egyptian security forces in front of the Israeli embassy. They were gathering to urge Egypt to cut ties with Israel and also show support for the Palestinians’ Third Intifada. As tensions grew, security forces used live rounds, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. According to Egyptian officials over 10 protesters were injured and 30 arrested.

  • Second Day of Egyptian Protests

    Anger over unemployment and poverty continue driving people to protest.  So far six people have died, and many more injured.  Hundreds have been arrested, even journalists since Tuesday. . . .  All eyes are on Friday, when various organizations are calling for the largest demonstration yet. This video was released by Daily News Egypt on […]

  • Egypt: Workers Demand More Pay, Clash with Police

    Under Egyptian law, people found guilty of inciting or organizing demonstrations without permission face jail terms of up to one year and hefty fines.  However, hundreds have gathered in downtown Cairo to protest against Egypt’s high unemployment rate and the government’s failure to increase the national minimum wage.  Workers’ groups say the government’s eagerness to […]