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Brenda Villacorta

Honduras: Feminists in the Resistance

  Part I: Brenda Villacorta JRW: It’s in the evening of January 25, in Tegucigalpa, outside the Brazilian embassy, where a gathering of the anti-coup resistance is taking place.  So, you’re a part of the Resistance against the coup, and, in particular, a part of the feminist resistance to the coup? Brenda Villacorta BV: That’s […]

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Honduran Resistance in the Streets of Tegucigalpa

  Hundreds of thousands of Hondurans took to the streets on Wednesday, January 27 to protest the inauguration of Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo Soza.  Lobo was the victor in fraudulent elections held last November and his new regime is seen by the Honduran resistance as a continuation and consolidation of the coup regime that first came […]

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Teresa Mora and María Linares in the PSUV offices

Women of Venezuela’s PSUV

Canadian socialist Jeffery R. Webber interviews women leaders of PSUV in the state of Mérida. Teresa Mora and María Linares at the PSUV’s Mérida headquarters In the early afternoon of September 8, 2008, I sat down at the state headquarters of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in the city of Mérida, for an […]

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