• The “China Syndrome”: An Apology for Economic Injustice

    As a red Toyota pickup made its daily delivery, masses of people gathered outside the brand-new blue and white subsidized bread kiosk near my building.  A rusty and dented Fiat also delivered unsubsidized bread to the small grocery store across the street at the same time.  Last Thursday, Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and […]

  • Egypt: Aish Baladi vs. Pizza Hut

    April 6, 2008 — The subsidized “country bread” of Egypt costs less than a single U.S. cent per loaf.  Not surprisingly, this product has seen heightened demand over the last few months as the price of unsubsidized loaves on the streets of Cairo has increased by nearly 30%.  Even though Egypt imports roughly 7 million […]